The aim of our team is to provide all type of Motorcycle Customization at minimum cost.

The mission is to design and fabricate different types of innovative motorcycles by our own.

Our sole objective is to successfully doing customization and participant in world customized motorcycle competition.

Modes of Customization :

Customization Type  Design Purchasing  Fabrication Testing & Analysis Paint

Types of Customization

Level – 1

At level -1 we customize motorcycles performance related work.

  • Handle bar
  • Air Filter
  • NGK Sparkplugs
  • Exhaust & Silencer

Level – 2

At level -2 we customized aesthetics related work.

  • Handle bar
  • Air Filter
  • NGK Sparkplugs
  • Exhaust & Silencer
  • Seat (Customer Choice)
  • Paint (Customer Choice)

Level – 3

At level -3 we customize whole motorcycles as per customer requirement.

  • Scrambler
  • Tracker
  • Cafe Racer
  • Bobber
  • Brat
  • Chopper
  • Dirt
  • Classic
  • Bagger


  • All terrain lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension.
  • Motorcycle designed for riding cross country and lie across the ocean in England back in late 1920’s.


  • Flat tracker’s are born in 1910.
  • It was used for sport of Board Track Racing in US.

Cafe Racer

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts who raced each other from café to café were the true Café Racers in the UK during 1960’s.
  • It is customized to go at short distance with high speed.


  • It was born in 1930’s through 1990’s.
  • There is different types of Bobbers in all over the world.
  • Famous Bobbers are American Bobber, European Bobber and now in India Indian Bobber (By,DELTA).


  • It is found in Japan by brat style group.
  • It is quietly similar to tracker.
  • A brat style is non-rigid custom with flat and slab seat to ride two persons.


  • It is found in 1960’s by US.
  • It is used for riding on long distance.
  • This motorcycles are more comfortable to ride.


  • Bagger motorcycle is like touring motorcycles designed for touring purpose.
  • It is having side bags and big fairings around the motorcycle gives the heavy looks to motorcycle.
  • It is found in US.


  • It is vintage type motorcycle.
  • It is found in 19th century.
  • It gives old vintage look to motorcycle.


  • It is used for off-road motocross racing.
  • It is found in 1909’s in UK.

Some of Our Customize Motorcycles